"Not maintaining your social media is the same as a florist
opening in the morning with an empty cooler."

– Art Conforti, Beneva Flowers & Gifts

What is SCOOP?

Social Credibility to Optimize and Organize your Presence.

What does that mean?

SCOOP’s main objective is to assist businesses like yours in maintaining their social credibility to optimize and organize their online presence. We understand the importance of solidifying your business identity online as well as making the social channels an extension of your company culture. Our team is constantly looking for new innovative ways to increase your reach by staying up to date on cutting edge tactics, so you don’t have to.

The choice isn’t if you should do social media it is how you will do your social media.




Erika Kiss, Sandra’s & Donath’s in New York, New York

Our walk-in traffic has quadrupled in the last few months since starting SCOOP. I couldn't be more pleased.

Rob Spikol, Lehrer’s Flowers

We’re so very happy with the results you've produced to increase our social reach.  We’ve watched our engagement climb well beyond our wildest expectations with no signs of slowing down.  The service has exceeded that in which we were able to produce with a full time employee dedicated to this task. Thanks for keeping Denver’s Largest Florist at the forefront with our base, your work is priceless and we couldn't be happier with the results!

Tom Addalia, Flowers by Addalia

Since SCOOP has taken over our company Facebook page the results have been nothing but spectacular. The contests produce fantastic results, great interaction and we always get lots of "shares" Our "likes" continue to grow on a daily basis!!! Thanks SCOOP!!